Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

[nggallery id=2] When these college sex students get together they really know how to throw a party. They usually have fun without their clothes on, and there’s plenty of booze to keep the girls drunk and loose. As you can see they are all buck naked and ready to get it on! Just put on [...]

Don’t these hot galleries make you miss your wild and fun college days? Even if you never went to college or stayed inside a dorm room, you can relate to this kind of craziness. Watch as these college girls show you the basic college rules. Get a few drinks in them and these drunk bitches [...]

What, exactly, is Collegrules? It is when college girls get drunk and start acting like out-of-control horny animals that just want to get your attention. These girls will do anything in front of the camera. Tomorrow they might not remember anything, and it´s likely they will regret ever having gotten so smashed the night before, [...]

College is all about having fun. There is a huge jello fight and all the hot girls are invited. Best part of it is that the winner gets to get fucked by two dudes. The winner is a smoking hot brunette with an amazing pair of tits and an even better blowjob skill. College threesome [...]