Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

College Rules never ceases to amaze me with their hot college porn updates. This is an explicit hot foursome that will have you longing for your college school years, if you ever had them; and even if you had them, were they this much fun? If I knew college was like this I would have [...]

Click here to see more collegerules!     It’s hard for me to think of college sex as anything else than all out orgies and plenty of horny, drunk coeds ready to give up the pussy they didn’t give up in high school. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, all those super sweet girls [...]

[nggallery id=2] When these college sex students get together they really know how to throw a party. They usually have fun without their clothes on, and there’s plenty of booze to keep the girls drunk and loose. As you can see they are all buck naked and ready to get it on! Just put on [...]

You can see what college sex has come to these days. Nobody goes to school to study or make something of themselves anymore. Nope, guys are there to get pussy and bitches are there to get stuffed full of cock. If they ever touch a book, it would probably be by accident. Here you can [...]

This is the best way to spend your college years. Fuck studying… hey, that’s a pretty good idea: fuck while you’re studying! But I digress, what we want to talk about today is awesome dorm room sex and how it can bring out the best in sexy college girls. That and a six pack of [...]